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Christmas Magic: Last night we went to the Christmas Eve party at John's aunt Birgitta's house. She's been hosting this party for about 30 years and it is a LOT of fun. There's tons of food, the kids run around like crazy, and everyone has some rice pudding and hopes for an almond in theirs to win a prize. Then we sing Christmas songs by candlelight and do Santa Lucia (although that didn't happen this year).

There were around 50 people there last night. It sounds like a lot, but considering Grandma June has 30 grandchildren, 23 of whom are married, 20 of whom have children, and 18 of whom have more than 1 child, a lot of people were missing. From our family it was just us, Susan, and Nathan's family. The last time we went was 3 years ago, when I was 6 months pregnant and had fallen down Brook and Erin's stairs earlier that day. Two years ago, a big storm kept us from venturing out, and last year we ended up in the ER.

This year I got to help Birgitta dole out the rice pudding and accept lots of compliments on Dalton (he has big eyes, holds his head up well, sleeps good and is generally the cutest thing ever. John said one of his cousins said he doesn't think boy babies are cute, but Dalton is.)

This morning, Maggie had to wait for John to finish running and for us to shower. She was impatient, not because she wanted to see what Santa left but because I wouldn't let her see Daddy (Santa visited the same room as the elliptical). She was pretty thrilled and we got some good photos. John joked that she would be happy if we'd filled her stocking with her existing toys. That's probably true; she's been carrying it around full of her toys for days. She got some fun treats and some Snoopy socks and Hello Kitty clippies. Santa brought her a blue table and a stuffed horse.

I made crepes with nutella, bananas and cream for breakfast. Our blender died a few days ago (everything we got for our wedding is falling apart) but luckily the hand blender worked ok. After breakfast we opened our presents to each other. We got Maggie and easel and some art supplies. John got a big mirror which we hung over the couch. Leonard sent me some Scrabble tile earrings. We actually didn't get Dalton anything. Santa gave him an elephant and he had a present from Leonard, Rachel, and Aunt Pat (who sent If You Give A... books)

And I have a surprise present coming tomorrow which requires babysitting...


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