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No, Thanks: (Maggie's latest saying)

I am a little weary of Christmasness so refer to John's blog for part two of the Christmas rundown. I did finally get around to posting pictures. Now you can share in our 25 days of Christmasy goodness. Enjoy.

Yesterday Susan babysat while John took me to The Harvest restaurant at Thanksgiving Point. It was delicious. Instead of getting expensive dessert, we went to the candy shoppe and bought our favorites. It was a great date.

We are home sick from church today. I guess between being sick and having sick kids, I am too tired to enjoy any more holiday.

On Christmas Eve we went to the mall to enjoy the shopping/holiday frenzy. We paid $1.50 for Maggie to ride the carousel and walked around. They have a little dino play area. She climbed up on half an egg buried in the ground, put her fists to her mouth and started making trumpeting noises. An angel!, she says. Now she goes around tooting her horn and pretending to be the Angel Moroni.


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