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[Comments] (1) Dream Purse: Last night I dreamed I was at a trade show and looking at a purse booth I found a purse I just loved and tried to schmooze them into giving it to me. My conscious self would never have picked out that purse but the more I think about it, I really like it. It was much too small for my current purposes. I could fit my essentials into it, but no snacks or toys for Maggie. It held it's shape, was made out of pink leather - the dark pink that purses are. It had some weird eyelet holes, and a little design on the corner, a flower or something, not some tacky logo. They told me I could have it if I spent $96 on some other ugly purse. No thanks.

It was a bit like this Coach purse in shape, only not so sickly a pink.


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