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[Comments] (1) I Love [Fake] Spring: John planned a surprise for us today, which I finally guessed as bowling. I am terrible at bowling, but it was so much fun. The funniest part was that Maggie was so sad that the balls disappeared! "ball! ball! wah!" Even watching them come back out of the machine didn't make her happy. Finally I said, "Look, Maggie, I'm going to put the ball down the slide" (the lane) and she seemed to accept that.

After bowling we went bed-shopping for Maggie. If anyone is looking into buying a bed, you should know that it is MUCH cheaper just to buy a headboard. That's what we ended up doing. $99 headboard vs $500 bed: no question.

We also bought purple sheets, a spring dress and some PJs for Maggie's birthday. For some reason we don't get a lot of PJ handmedowns, because it seems like that is the thing I buy most for her.

Later we went to the park to play and made smoothies for dinner. Because it was such a nice Indian Spring day. We even went in the backyard for the first time in ages. John weeded!


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