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[Comments] (4) This is My Sacred Duty: This morning I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Draper Temple Open House. I was an usher near the baptistry which involved gesturing towards the stairs and really a lot of smiling and eye contact. It was actually kind of non-temple-y in a lot of ways. Because I was in the basement near the engineer's office and the laundry, I saw men carrying tool belts and cardboard boxes and sneaking into emergency exits and boiler rooms. Also, there were children, and people on cell phones and radios, and people dressed in casual clothing. One of the weirdest things was that no one was wearing white. I noticed it as soon as I walked in. I expected to see a lot of nice ladies dressed in white to tell me where to go. But that was my job as an usher (in church clothes), so no one was there to do it until I got there.

I was standing next to a painting of the Savior with Mary and Martha, and one of the sun setting in Jerusalem, both of which were very beautiful and inspiring to ponder while I waited in between groups. I enjoyed being able to serve and share my testimony (with a smile and hand gesture). As soon as I got home, I marched over to our neighbors and invited them to take the tour.

I'm looking forward to going on the tour with John and Maggie in a couple weeks. I may take Maggie during the day sometime. I think she might enjoy seeing the temple. Also, the cookies are good.


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