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[Comments] (2) Birthday=2: Yesterday was our family party for Feb/March birthdays (Dave, Hannah and Maggie). We gave Maggie a dress, two PJs, a sweatshirt and a felt watermelon and two popsicles. Everyone else gave her... a slide! Since they all went in on it we were able to get her a big, nice one. It was big enough that even two of her cousins could go on it. It's a big hit already.

We also set up Maggie's new bed yesterday ("bye bye crib!"). Unfortunately, the headboard was cracked so I have to exchange it for a new one. We went cold turkey into the big girl bed, which might have been mean since she didn't get a nap yesterday. She fell asleep after John lay with her for 45 minutes, and slept through the night... mostly. I went in when she woke up at 4 and found her curled up on the floor asking for her pillow. ... I don't know if she'd just then fallen out, been lying there for a while, if she'd gotten out, or if she even knew she was lying on the floor. I put her back in bed and gave her a drink and she woke up at 8:30 saying, "bye bye crib! Purple sheets!"

I taught Maggie to say "2!" when I ask how old she'll be on her birthday. Now whenever someone says "birthday" she says "2!" and tries to hold up 2 fingers.

[Comments] (2) Spring wants to come out: I took precautions to make sure I would be missing Mom this Spring.

[Comments] (1) Maggie is sick: although acting fine. I wouldn't have taken her to Logan today if I'd know she was going to throw up the whole way there, the whole way back, and a few times in between for good measure. I am impressed with how well Ember handled sitting next to puke girl the whole time.

However, I can't say I'm sorry I went because we ate at the Bluebird. Jamie and I had the special, a chicken cordon bleu sandwich. It was so delicious and I couldn't even finish it, so John gets to try some tonight.

At Two: Maggie is: well-behaved, calm, a good helper, sweet, intelligent, cute, quick-learning, happy, talkative, coy, friendly, and cautious.

Maggie loves: bubbles, Popcorn Popping, E-I-E-I-O, Piglet, her family, animals, treats, books, playing cars with Grandpa, walks, the park, singing, and Frosty Returns.

Maggie knows: the ABCs, how to count to 12 (not just reciting the numbers, but she can actually count and tell you how many there are of something), and about 50 sight words.

Maggie says: Where X go?, especially while hiding X; that she's 2 (or sometimes 8) holding up 2 fingers; "bye-bye Mama/Daddy" to get rid of us (if she wants to hide, take a nap, or make a dirty diaper); random words she recognizes.

Maggie doesn't like: getting her hair washed, being scolded, not having the blankie cover her toes.

Maggie can't: jump, undress, or count to one (if you ask her how many noses she has, she will count hers, yours, and any other noses nearby).

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

[Comments] (1) Reminds me of Mom: I've neglected to mention that I've been called to teach the Valiant 10 Primary class in our ward. I think there are about 10 kids total. I am a team teacher, but the lady I teach with hasn't been to church since I was called, and won't be there the next two weeks. Also, we get to do Sharing Time next week! The good news is that since John isn't teaching, I can use all his creative ideas for myself.

Last night was Girl's Night Out with John's cousins. We went to Leatherby's, so I had cheesefries and a Black & Tan for dinner. This Black & Tan had toasted almond ice cream, instead of English Toffee or something like Rosemary's has, but it was still very yummy.

: I just finished reading Affluenza, which is about the epidemic of consumerism taking over America. And how bad it is for the planet, and the people living on it. I got 14/100 on the quiz - pretty good. My favorite quote really didn't have much to do with the book: "In ancient Greece, the word "idiot" meant someone not involved in public life".

: Despite the germs floating around our house this weekend, we've managed to have a busy and fun time. Maggie and I went to a playdate at the park on Friday morning, with our gloves and mittens on. Yesterday we went to visit Grandma June with Jodi while John got some work done. Jodi and I did a 550 piece puzzle while Grandma entertained Maggie, then we had a McDonald's picnic at the Lehi Cemetery. We had Jamba Juice for dinner to help our poor throats feel better.

Today, in addition to my Primary class, I was in charge of Sharing Time. Luckily, John gave me a great idea for an activity that went really well. My fuzzy head and misbehaving pre-teen boys didn't help, but I survived. We went to dinner with Jodi and Franco at Maggie's favorite place, "'Ma Papa's!" It was so yummy! We had pork au jus sandwiches, yummy salad, and baked potatoes. And ice cream sundaes for dessert. Maggie was a good eater, dipping her meat into my dip. She is such a little carnivore. She wore out her Grandpa from playing after dinner.

Book Twins: I recently read three of Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern (and really liked and recommend them!). John and I noticed that the cover art was very much the same style as Maggie's latest favorite book, I Took the Moon for a Walk, which I can recite from memory. I finally remembered to check today, and sure enough both are illustrated by Allison Jay.

I feel all smart because I never notice stuff like this, but she does have a rather distinct style, and there's a "cracked" layer over the art as well.

[Comments] (1) She gets it from her Mom: Miss Maggie has been a clumsy fool over the past 24 hours. She started out with various unknown bruises on her legs and has since added scrapes from tripping on the sidewalk, a nasty bruise on her tummy from falling off the chair, about 10 table-head bonks, and a scratch on her nose from pulling a carton of applesauce off the shelf at the grocery store. I've never seen someone hit their head on the table so much.

Best Dr. Appt Ever: Maggie had her 2-year check up today. We had a busy morning full of errand-running, but I made time to tell her what would happen at the doctor. I didn't mention shots, so luckily she didn't need any. Anyway, she is big enough now to stand on the scale, and have her height measured standing. I think that made all the difference. She started to cry when I took her shoes off, but I reminded her they were just going to see how big she was and she was fine. She is 23.5 lbs and 33" tall.

She was really good while the doctor talked to me, repeating words she heard. Apparently, 2 year olds only have to know 20 words to be normal! Maggie must know well over 100. The doctor listen to her heart, and looked at her tummy and in her ears. Then he backed off and she said "eyes! eyes!" I had told her he was going to look in her eyes and she thought he forgot. Then she just sat there like a princess the whole time and didn't cry once.

Afterward, I took her to Coldstone for her free birthday ice cream. And maybe a bit of a bribe.

[Comments] (2) You Know You Married Right When...: Yesterday, Jodi called to say she found Girl Scout cookies for sale and what did I want her to buy for me? True love, I'm telling you.

: Yesterday, Jodi and I went to the temple. I got stung by a mysterious insect (inside the temple, no doors or windows anywhere). I thought something had dripped on me and burned me, because I saw a drop of, presumably, venom. Then it swelled up around the area like a bug bite, so I guess that's what it was. By the time I went to bed last night you could barely tell, except that my arm still stung and hurt. When I woke up this morning, I had a big, swollen, red area on the inside of my wrist. It's about 2x3 inches and has only gotten more swollen today, if anything. I've never had an allergic reaction to something like this before, so it's kind of weird. Ssssting Stop has been helping.

Maggie: No stripes!
Me: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *tickle tickle tickle*
Maggie: *giggle giggle giggle* No stripes!
Me: I'll let you wash your hands.
Maggie: Wash hands! *lets me put shirt on her*

[Comments] (1) Yum: I found a receipt in the Pathfinder for Flame & Skewers, a Mediterranean restaurant in Bakersfield. It's obviously Rachel's because it only has one meal on it, and it was two weeks before Maggie was born. It's been hiding for two years and decided to make a grand entrance. This place has delicious falafel and kabob sandwiches. Yum.

[Comments] (10) Our Garden Grows: A little Chadwick Sprout is on the way, expected on October 3rd. Maggie is pretty excited about the baby in mommy’s tummy, and I am pretty excited that maybe I will start feeling better soon. I am way more nauseous than with Maggie. Everyone, including my doctor, says this means I am having a boy. We shall see!

[Comments] (1) More about Maggie: Two cute things Maggie has been saying lately: "okay!" and "gawck" (broken). A lot of things she says sound like letters of the alphabet put together. For example, ice cream is "S M" and she says "O N" for snowman. And I love when she says "E ba" for zebra. She does her ABC puzzle about 10 times a day.

She woke up this morning asking for eggs. I'm pretty sure she meant the Cadbury kind, but I microwaved her a chicken egg, cut it into strips and gave her some ketchup to dip it in. She ate the whole thing. She will eat just about anything if she can dip it.

Earth Hour 2009: Did you participate? How did you spend your 60 minutes?

We read bedtime stories to Maggie by lantern-light, which she thought was pretty cool. Then John worked, with one light on, and I made some cards and read the Ensign by the lantern.

[Comments] (3) : So... we bought a new car. Shiny, new, so pretty. We got a Toyota RAV4 with a 3rd row that folds down (seats 7), and shocks that keep it from rocking side to side, and an engine that accelerates. My only complaints so far are that the glasses holder is cheap-o, the sun visor is too fat for our garage door opener, and the clock is hard to see (possibly because of my sunglasses, must experiment). It is very nice to drive and we feel safe and can fit lots more kids in it.

In other news, I was all proud of myself to making appointments to go visiting teaching this month (barely). Then I went to write them on my calendar and realized I made two of them for the 1st. Oops.

Grandma June and I went to Winger's today, to get Maggie's free birthday meal. Grandma said she wasn't going to eat a single bite, which apparently meant most of Maggie's french fries, some celery sticks, and a little container of ranch dressing. I had half a wrap, a baked potato, and 3 huge glasses of strawberry lemonade.

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