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[Comments] (2) Birthday=2: Yesterday was our family party for Feb/March birthdays (Dave, Hannah and Maggie). We gave Maggie a dress, two PJs, a sweatshirt and a felt watermelon and two popsicles. Everyone else gave her... a slide! Since they all went in on it we were able to get her a big, nice one. It was big enough that even two of her cousins could go on it. It's a big hit already.

We also set up Maggie's new bed yesterday ("bye bye crib!"). Unfortunately, the headboard was cracked so I have to exchange it for a new one. We went cold turkey into the big girl bed, which might have been mean since she didn't get a nap yesterday. She fell asleep after John lay with her for 45 minutes, and slept through the night... mostly. I went in when she woke up at 4 and found her curled up on the floor asking for her pillow. ... I don't know if she'd just then fallen out, been lying there for a while, if she'd gotten out, or if she even knew she was lying on the floor. I put her back in bed and gave her a drink and she woke up at 8:30 saying, "bye bye crib! Purple sheets!"

I taught Maggie to say "2!" when I ask how old she'll be on her birthday. Now whenever someone says "birthday" she says "2!" and tries to hold up 2 fingers.


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