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[Comments] (3) : So... we bought a new car. Shiny, new, so pretty. We got a Toyota RAV4 with a 3rd row that folds down (seats 7), and shocks that keep it from rocking side to side, and an engine that accelerates. My only complaints so far are that the glasses holder is cheap-o, the sun visor is too fat for our garage door opener, and the clock is hard to see (possibly because of my sunglasses, must experiment). It is very nice to drive and we feel safe and can fit lots more kids in it.

In other news, I was all proud of myself to making appointments to go visiting teaching this month (barely). Then I went to write them on my calendar and realized I made two of them for the 1st. Oops.

Grandma June and I went to Winger's today, to get Maggie's free birthday meal. Grandma said she wasn't going to eat a single bite, which apparently meant most of Maggie's french fries, some celery sticks, and a little container of ranch dressing. I had half a wrap, a baked potato, and 3 huge glasses of strawberry lemonade.


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