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At Two: Maggie is: well-behaved, calm, a good helper, sweet, intelligent, cute, quick-learning, happy, talkative, coy, friendly, and cautious.

Maggie loves: bubbles, Popcorn Popping, E-I-E-I-O, Piglet, her family, animals, treats, books, playing cars with Grandpa, walks, the park, singing, and Frosty Returns.

Maggie knows: the ABCs, how to count to 12 (not just reciting the numbers, but she can actually count and tell you how many there are of something), and about 50 sight words.

Maggie says: Where X go?, especially while hiding X; that she's 2 (or sometimes 8) holding up 2 fingers; "bye-bye Mama/Daddy" to get rid of us (if she wants to hide, take a nap, or make a dirty diaper); random words she recognizes.

Maggie doesn't like: getting her hair washed, being scolded, not having the blankie cover her toes.

Maggie can't: jump, undress, or count to one (if you ask her how many noses she has, she will count hers, yours, and any other noses nearby).

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


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