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Easter Bunnies Everywhere: We took Maggie to the Draper City Easter Egg Hunt at the park this morning. It was better organized than I anticipated, and I was glad to see a section for 0-2 year olds (the whole thing was divided by age). Maggie got a few eggs and really a lot of suckers. She also got her picture taken with the Easter bunny! She was a little unsure at first, due to repeated viewings of "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown". But John assured her he was the one who put out all the eggs for her to find.

We will not be able to go to a park without Maggie saying "eggs!" for quite some time. We had a playdate at the flashlight hunting park on Friday and everytime she would go down the slide, she'd sit at the top and chant "no eggs, no eggs" first.

Since it is an overcast, sprinkly day, we went for a walk to IKEA. Other than $2.50 on hotdogs for the 3 of us, we didn't buy anything, but we spent 2 hours walking around and entertaining/wearing out Maggie. We planned the "office" we're going to put in the random space in our basement, once our current office becomes a nursery. When we left, who was standing by the entrance? The Easter Bunny, of course! Maggie gave him a big hug and got to pick a treat from his basket. She was pretty excited about it.


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