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[Comments] (1) Dictation: Maggie got a hand-me-down MagnaDoodle from Ember. She likes to say words or names for us to write on it. Usually it's something like "Maggie. Daddy. Mommy. Colette. Baby." In that order. Yesterday she also wanted "James" written, after having a playdate with him. Now she wants me to draw her a kite.

Maggie used to say "okay" when I guessed correctly what she was trying to tell me (or something else acceptable). Now she says "mm-hmm", occasionally accompanied with a nod of her little head. John theorized that she picked it up from watching My Neighbor Totoro.

Also, we checked out a few books about using the potty from the library. Maggie calls them "poopy books". ETA: She stepped on a pile of library books, slid a little, and said "Uh-oh poopy!"


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