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Busy Me: If it seems like I've been busy lately, it's because I have. I've taken on a little project - little in amount of time until deadline, not in amount I have to do - helping someone revise a book. Seriously!

John and I are going to the temple on Friday, so we took Maggie to show her around. She says "temple" so cute.

We had a busy morning, beginning with taking John's car to get the tires rotated at 8:30. It only took 10 minutes instead of the 30-45 I had planned on, so we went to Draper Park until JoAnn's opened, then shopped, then went to storytime at the library. When we got home Maggie's little friend Ethan came over to play for a bit. No nap today, so none for me, and I took a break from working to get some cleaning done.


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