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[Comments] (1) Do you have a shirt that you really love?: The scrapbook I am currently filling has 45 layouts in it. There are pictures of me on 25 of them. In 8 of them, I am wearing the same gray sweatshirt. If you don't count the ones where I'm wearing a swimming suit or a hospital gown or was told what to wear (family pictures), and include the one where Rachel (!) is wearing the gray sweatshirt, that makes 47% of the pictures of me also featuring this sweatshirt. I really do wear it almost every day. I've had it 6 1/2 years and it is starting to wear thin where I poke my thumbs inside the sleeves. The zipper pull has been missing for ages.

I once said to Rachel "Hey, I have a sweatshirt just like that. Mine is missing the zipper pull, too. Wait a minute..." on a different occasion than the one scrapbooked.


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