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Happy Anniversary!: We celebrated our anniversary early this weekend. The temple is closed next week, so Jodi and Franco came over to watch Maggie while John and I did sealings this morning. We did some family names, including Grandma Jessie and her parents.

Since it's so hot, I asked John if we could move our office downstairs this weekend, so we went to IKEA last night and bought our new furniture. John put it together in record time - hardly longer than it took for the two of us to put together the dinky changing table. We have our new desk and craft/toy area all set up downstairs and I love it! The Fisher-Price toys and my 12x12 paper holder fit perfectly on our new shelves, and we have plenty of space.

We also took all the baby stuff upstairs, and John rearranged in the storage room and under the stairs. The storage room looks relatively empty without the baby stuff everywhere - although there are still two high chairs and boxes of baby girl clothes. We only added a box of fabric and a pile of yarn. I need to get some baskets to organize my yarn and patterns and then we'll be all set.

While we were at IKEA, we found a duvet cover for Maggie's bed for $3. Couldn't pass that up.


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