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[Comments] (1) Sentenced: When she isn't repeating everything I say, Maggie has been using a lot of sentences lately. Sometimes I'm surprised at what she puts into a sentence, rather than just use the nouns and adjectives. Two things she said (over and over) that made me laugh: "Daddy is working." and "This is Ember's."

Also, trying to work on saying "please." She is horribly demanding sometimes.
Maggie: Daddy home! (wants me to sing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home")
Me: "Daddy home" what?
Maggie: Daddy home song

Speaking of demanding, Maggie occasionally wants to know things like "Where is Maggie's horsie?", "Where is Maggie's green boat?", and somewhat more normally "Where Maggie's Lightning McQueen shoes?" She doesn't try to grab or ask for stuff in the store, even when we go in the toy aisles luckily. Ok, one exception is "at ink" - chocolate milk. I'm so glad she doesn't watch TV, I can picture her falling for every commercial.

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Posted by John at Thu Jul 30 2009 15:33

I do not enjoy asking her yes and no questions, because when she doesn't respond I repeat "does Maggie need a drink, yes or no" and she responds "yes or no." Silly thing.


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