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Staycation in American Fork Canyon: John had Thursday and Friday off for Independence Day, so we spent both nights at the cabin and crossed some things off our "staycation" list. We made reservations to hike to Timpanogos Cave and take the tour on Thursday afternoon. The hike is a very steep 1.5 miles and I had a hard time. I can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I did fine the first half, huffing and puffing. By the 3/4 mark, I realized my legs were hurting, probably from carrying an extra 35 pounds (between baby weight, and our backpack). I wasn't sore later though.

When our tour started, Maggie was whining and saying "time to go." Luckily, once we got moving she was fine. We pointed out rocks that looked like different things to keep her distracted. When they turned the lights off, she politely asked for them to turn back on. After our tour, it was pouring rain. Other than our carrier being soaked, we missed the worst of it. Pictures here.

Friday, we walked down to the reservoir in the morning. Maggie enjoyed throwing rocks into the river, and seeing all the animals (chipmunks etc.) In the afternoon, we drove to Cascade Springs. It was a slow and scenic 15-mile drive from the cabin. The pools at the Spring were so beautiful. You can see the fish in the water, and there were lots of little waterfalls and wildflowers. Pictures here.

Saturday we hung out with John's parents, and James and Hannah, at the cabin. In the afternoon was the Holbrook 4th of July party. We hiked down to the reservoir with Hannah again (Pictures), went for a few little hikes, and played on the swings and hammock at a neighboring cabin.

After the party, we went home to try to get Maggie to nap. No such luck. We found out we can't do fireworks at our house because we are up on the mountain. So we ended up driving to John's parents. Naturally, Maggie fell asleep on the way there. We woke her up an hour later to do our measly $10 of fireworks. Logan lit them in the street for us. Maggie was afraid of the noise, but she enjoyed it from afar. She enjoyed looking at all the lights in the sky on the drive home, but was even more glad to see her bed. She slept until almost 10:00 this morning.

Also, someone is turning 30 this week. I spent most of the afternoon sewing.


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