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Family, New and Old: Maggie and I went down to Provo today to see my cousin Julie's new baby, Vivian, and Aunt Anne (and Julie and Chuck, of course). On our way down, we stopped to visit Grandma June. Grandma suggested we sit outside. I said I was too hot to go push Maggie on the swing and we sat on the porch. Grandma told Maggie to go play on the swing, and next thing I know, she is over sitting on the swing with her. I had nothing to do with it! That silly Grandma will never stop playing.

We had a really nice visit with Anne and Julie. Anne called earlier and said we were going to the fabric store, which made me cry for missing my mom. On the way down, I tried to convince Maggie that "Aunt Anne" and "Aunt Erin" were not the same person. She was shockingly ok with sitting at the table with Anne while I went and snuggled the baby. Then we went on a fabric shopping spree (all the really cute stuff was purple, so I still don't have anything to make baby's carseat cover with) and ate lunch. Julie is lucky to have her mom there making her yummy food and forcing her to take naps.

One of Maggie's favorite things about the trip was seeing the Y on the mountain (and, let's face it, the G). She asked about the U, but no such luck. Then she started asking for A and B. She also enjoyed the "M for Maggie going in circles, so big!" at the McDonald's on University Parkway.

Also, for some reason I was incredibly dexterous today. Chuck joked that maybe I was the opposite of most pregnant people, but it's not true, and Maggie tripped on the rug just then to prove my point. One manuever, hopping across the kitchen floor to grab the stool Maggie was trying to climb up before it toppled on her, can be explained by super-parenting skills. But I randomly caught the fork she dropped, and the book she tried to throw across the room. Just awesome today, I guess.


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