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[Comments] (5) Birthday Wishes: John asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I guess it's time I decide. We're expecting a new arrival within a few weeks of my birthday, and he needs a lot more stuff than I do.

chocolate-covered caramels
chocolate-covered cinnamon bears
Jo-Ann gift card
IKEA gift card (organizing stuff for my new office)
Babies R Us gift card (the chance to pick out baby clothes!)
restaurant gift cards (Zuppa's, Jamba Juice, pizza. Things I will use within a few weeks of my birthday, or that John (or Rachel!) can go get for me after)
an extended visit from my sister (or anyone else I like who lives more than 500 miles away)

You can also check my Amazon wishlist, Target baby registry, and Amazon baby registry. A baby registry (especially two essentially similar ones) is somewhat superfluous, but I made them to get free gift cards.


Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 06 2009 07:51

Clearly, the candy is for me, like everything else on the list. It's MY birthday. Unless by 'baby', you mean Maggie, who is sure to devour her fair share.


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