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[Comments] (1) 2009 Numbers:
Sewing / Crafts
Clothes: 19
Toys: 11
Décor/accessories: 14
Significant non sewing crafts: 4
Scrapbook pages: 33
Reading: 85 books, 27667 pages (even more than 2008)
Weight gained: 55 pounds
Weight lost: 30 pounds
Money earned: about $5000
Money saved using coupons: about $350
Pictures: 1250
Items of clutter that left my house: 550

Things that happened this year: Went to CHA. Taught Primary. Taught piano. Maggie turned two. Draper Temple Dedication. Bought a new car. 10 day trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with my in-laws. Lots of sewing and crafting. A lot of staycationing – and really a lot of hiking. Zoo, aquarium, Thanksgiving Point, American Fork canyon, Timp Cave, Cecret and Silver and Great Salt lakes. New office furniture. Visits to Grandma June and playdates with Tasha and Colette. I had a baby! Both of my siblings visited.


Posted by Mom at Sat Jan 02 2010 17:30

This is a lot of stuff you accomplished. Good work.

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