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Baby Girl: Silly Maggie all over the place.

The cuckoo clocks are coming! Hide on [under] my chair. They're getting out [of] the way!
Ta dum!
Look, he's little! (She says this about Dalton all the time)
I no can't reach/do it. (Standard do-it-for-me) Also, she's been quoting movies a lot lately.
"Everybody knows your name, Woody!" (Toy Story 2)
"Look, Barbie! An ugly man doll." (Toy Story 2)
"Help! P-P-Piglet. (Me)." (The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh)
"Here! A Magic [invisible] Feather! Now you can fly!" (Dumbo) She calls Lightning McQueen "Lightning a Peen".

And I think I already mentioned that she now tells people her name is "Maggie Sue."

She is being a darling older sister and loves getting toys for Dalton to play with. She just said "he needs his star" and went upstairs to get it for him.

Sweet Boy: Dalton grew up so much on our trip to California. He started rolling onto his stomach (can go both ways now) and showing interest in and grabbing at toys. It's fun to watch him bat at his toys in the bouncer, or grasp a rattle and play with it. He also tries to lean forward and sit up, when I'm holding him, and when he's in the bouncer.

He is such a happy and sweet boy. He is always smiling and hardly ever grumpy. He lets us put him down in his crib for naps and at bedtime so well. He is the perfect compliment to his big sister.


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