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[Comments] (4) Maggie Quote Round-Up: More movie quotes (including frequent requests to sing "Woody's Round-Up":
To abiabie! and beyond! (Toy Story: it's "infinity", though she denies it if I correct her)
Don't you EVER run away to me again! (Monster's Inc.)
This works! (holding up something to her eye. This is one of Flik's inventions from A Bug's Life.)

She loves going places like the bank and the post office. The other day when we went to the post office to mail a package for Rachel's and Edd's birthdays, she ran in, looked around and said, "Where's Aunt Rachel? Where's Edd?" Not only that, but apparently a "stamp" is not a cute ink mouse you get on your hand like at the library, and she got mad when I said I didn't need any. She was quite disillusioned.

Maggie: What's on yours back?
Mommy: I don't know, what is it? (thinking it's a sticker or something)
Maggie: *climbs on* It's a Maggie!

Also (yeah I fell for it twice)
Maggie: What's on yours nose?
Mommy: I don't know, what is it? (thinking it's marker or a smudge)
Maggie: Glasses!

Bummy toes! (wanting a "bummy tumble" (tummy bubble) on her toes)
I'm just standing on my bed. I'm not jumping on it. (She really was)
She wants there to be a monster under her bed, but when I told her the crocodile (in her Peter Pan coloring book) was going to eat Captain Hook, she went across the room to direct my coloring so it wouldn't eat her.

She says "adain" for again, and uses a "s" sound (more like "ts") for just about any double consonant: tr, dr, sh, etc. So truck=suck, dream=seam, treat=seat.

And best of all, in the car: Those people don't know how to drive!

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Posted by rachel at Fri Mar 12 2010 02:56


Posted by Sumana at Fri Mar 12 2010 04:41

These are SO ADORABLE. I especially enjoyed "It's a Maggie!" and "Those people don't know how to drive." Did she say it when, indeed, there were unskilled drivers nearby?

Posted by John at Fri Mar 12 2010 07:43

When she and I are alone in the car, and some driver chatting it up on a cell phone does something particularly stupid and dangerous, I tend to sigh pretty heavily, as I find their callousness toward life quite irksome.

I must sigh pretty loud, because Maggie always says "No daddy no" as if she can tell how upset I am.

She also goes around saying "You've got a friend in me."

Also, once when she was grumpy, I went and turned on that "Don't worry be happy" song from 1988. Now she says "Don't worry by happy now" whenever I get mad at her.

Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 12 2010 07:59

Oh, yeah, I meant to put Don't Worry Be Happy in.

Sumana, she usually just says it out of nowhere. I'm not sure she's familiar enough with the rules of the road yet.

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