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[Comments] (2) Maggie in the Sky with Pluto: While browsing the children's non-fiction section of the library for dinosaur books, Maggie saw one about planets. It appeared to be the only space book remotely at her level, so we got it. While reading this morning, she says, "Let's buy me some rings so I can go up in the sky like Saturn." Dream on, little girl. The dino obsession continues to be in full swing. "Mom, where's my parasaurolophus?"

Poor John is very ill. He has an ear infection that gave him vertigo which made him nauseous which made him throw up so much he got dehydrated and his muscles seized up. I took him to instacare and they gave him an IV and prescriptions for anti-nausea and anti-dizziness. He is slowly recovering. They said it could be 2 weeks.

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Posted by rachel at Sun Aug 15 2010 02:18

poor john! he is working too hard!

do you think maggie is old enough for some dinosaur cove books? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Attack-Lizard-King-Dinosaur-Cove/dp/0192720929

Posted by Mom at Sun Aug 15 2010 19:59

I feel bad just watching John. I can't remember him being this sick since he was a kid.

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