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[Comments] (1) Weekend Update: Today was the first Labor Day John hasn't had to work since he graduated. We took the kids swimming at the rec center and had such a good time that we bought a 3 month pass! (Since we're apparently going to be here that long.) They had a water slide and a play place. Maggie has decided to not be frightened of the water, and will even let me dunk her a bit while she blows bubbles. Dalton loves the water, but was freezing the whole time.

When we got back Dalton (who is sick again) took a 3 hour nap and we all just rested. Then we went for a walk, got dinner at Noodles & Company and ate it at Murray Park. It was such a beautiful day today.

I want for nothing: My birthday is just a week away and I'm having a hard time thinking of something I need/want that can be gift wrapped. So here's my wishlist. I would be pretty enthused to open a gift that's really for the kids. Otherwise, I'd like a nice dinner from Cafe Rio, Zupas, The Cheesecake Factory, or any of those same old places. So Exciting! Seriously, just buy the kids something (or donate to their college funds).

Like Mother, Like Daughter: In the past week I managed to sew my finger and electrocute myself.

[Comments] (1) : 29th Birthday; 30th Anniversary Cheesecake. Coincidence? Maybe, but delicious none-the-less. Happy September 15th!

Birthday Fun: John took a couple days off for my birthday - a luxury I get for having a birthday right after 9/15. On Thursday we went to the Utah State Fair. We saw lots of animals - even got to feed peanuts to the goats - saw a sea lion show, went on the giant slide, and took the kids through the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit, where they did lots of pretend chores, sold their goods at the market, and took their money to the grocery store for non-pretend treats.

Saturday morning we went to the cabin with Tyler and Tasha. We went for a hike under the beautiful fall leaves and had marshmallows and tin foil dinners on the bonfire. We had a great time!

Writers: I realized last night that my mom's kids have all ended up with writing jobs. Is that ironic? Rachel is more literary than Leonard or I, but here we are. Leonard writes software, textbooks, and science fiction. Rachel works in children's books. And, you may not have noticed, but my job with Mommysavers is mostly article writing and I love it.

[Comments] (1) : One of Maggie's long-harbored (1 day) wishes just came true. Uncle Dave showed her the button to turn on the lights of his patrol car - and let her push it!

Dalt: Maggie has started calling Dalton "Dalt". He is such a big boy! Just two weeks until he turns one. This week he learned how to climb down the stairs backwards. He practices it constantly. He also likes to climb up on Maggie's stroller seat and back down.

He can say two words: Dada (Daddy, Doggie) and Mama (Mommy) or Ma (Grandma, More). He also says something that approximates his name - Dat-uh - but he may be saying That. He learned four new signs this week: Dog, Cheese, Sleep, and Baby. He can also say Eat, Water (which he first signed in the pool), More, All Done, Alligator, and Milk/Nurse.

Maggie's learned lots of new signs lately too - all the ones I am teaching Dalton. Bath, Airplane, Bug, Train, Car, Dinosaur, Outside, and Bread.

Dalton is cruising like a pro and standing alone for a moment, but won't be walking for a little while still.

[Comments] (2) : The other night I had a dream that Rachel came for a visit and when I picked her up at the train station, she'd brought Grandma Rosie for a surprise visit. Grandma smiled, but didn't say anything during the visit, which I think involved shopping and dinner at a nice restaurant.


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