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[Comments] (3) Happiest Place: Hello from sunny Southern California!

Well, technically, the sun is not shining right now. But we had a beautiful, sunny day in the 70s, complete with flip flops. *sigh* We spent the entire day at Disneyland. Maggie is in love. We spent all morning in Fantasyland, and John and I snuck in a few rides for ourselves. We had to bribe Maggie (fruit snacks) to go on Matterhorm with me the second time. But the ride I had the hardest time getting her on was... Winnie the Pooh. Seriously! She was screaming "No! Not!" in line and I made her go and she loved it and went twice more. She did the same thing to John with Alice in Wonderland. Whenever we get in line for something, she changes her mind, either about what ride she wants to go on, or what color. But overall she was just darling.

Dalton was also very good and obediently took a few naps in his car seat. Everyone thinks he is the cutest baby on earth (well, duh!). We got that all the time with Maggie living in California. I think people in Utah are just tired of looking at babies.

Now he is in his crib screaming over who-knows what. That's about how it went on the airplane as well: Maggie loved it, Dalton was great and slept the whole time, and then was grumpy afterward.

Maggie got to meet Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger (Tigger twice, since John and I each did single rider on Splash Mountain). She was so adorably shy, but loved it. She also got a kiss from Mickey during the dance party parade, and got to see lots of other characters.

Another long day tomorrow. We're going to do California Adventure and a few rides we missed at Disneyland. Hopefully, we get some sleep tonight.


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