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[Comments] (1) The Coast: Today I drove to Pat and Alan's house in the pouring rain. It was raining SO hard and was pretty scary at times. John might have been kidding about the waves splashing onto the PCH, but I actually did see a wave rising above the road.

Dalton was a great baby and slept almost the entire time. Maggie dropped her "little coloring" and screamed about it for an hour. I guess I should have gotten off the freeway and gotten it for her. I tried to point out things to distract her, but they were all Christmas trees. "Look, there's IKEA!" "It's NOT IKEA, it's a Bissmas tree!" Eventually I had to pull over and snuggle her back to happiness. We also stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's. Maggie was a great eater and really liked the soup. I had a difficult time with both kids in the restaurant, but we survived.

We eventually made it. As soon as we walked in the door Maggie said, "Where's Leah?" Leah eventually came over and they were two peas in a pod and had tons of fun. Maggie imitated everything Leah said. "Mom, look at my castle!" After they left, Maggie piled pillows onto her Uncle Alan's lap and settled down to watch TV. Most adorable pictures forthcoming. The kids went to sleep great. More fun tomorrow.


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