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[Comments] (2) Murphy's Law Strikes Again: I put Maggie down for quiet time (ie. non nap) with no diaper and she actually fell asleep. At least I put a towel down.

2010 To Dos: Some of my goals this year.

Read each Ensign cover to cover.
Read 50 books (unsure of library situation in India, so I'll do what I can in the first half of the year).
Go to Hong Kong.
Grow out my hair
Lose 20 pounds.

Nothing terribly life-altering, though we've been wanting to visit Hong Kong for years.

[Comments] (6) 2009 Favorites:
Favorite book: Catching Fire (the only book I gave 5 stars on Goodreads to in 2009)
Favorite thing I made: The fishie coat. Maggie wears it every day and loves to fill the pockets with nuts from Grandma's house.
Favorite memory: Hiking. We did a lot of hiking in 2009. In particular, watching Old Faithful from halfway up the mountain in Yellowstone, and dragging myself and my baby belly up to Timp Cave (not fun, but made for a good story).
Favorite Maggieism: "Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!" This is how she says "I love you."
Favorite Daltonism: *really adorable smile* coo!
Favorite thing we bought: Do I really have to decide between my car and my office furniture?


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