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[Comments] (1) What are we going to do with him?: Dalton had another fun trip to the ER today. He fell down a stair or two in the sunroom and passed out again. Since it wasn't a big bump, I knew something else was going on. This time I knew what questions they would ask and I paid good attention to what he did. I was rewarded with an actual answer from the ER doc.

But first I screamed and called 911. I decided that this time they were coming whether they liked it or not. And come they did. I'm not at all surprised that Susan heard the news first from neighbors when she got home. The police, ambulance, fire truck and 15 EMTs were at the house.

John had the car - and the carseats - and was on his way to a job interview in Provo. Ack! Luckily Franco had the day off work and even had a Dalton-sized car seat. The funniest part of the story is that when Franco got out of the car and was bringing the carseat in, one of the guys took it to put it in the ambulance not realizing Kyli was still in it!

After a few minutes lying in my arms and looking really pale, Dalton starting acting fine and was standing on the couch waving by the time the fire truck pulled up. The ambulance had a Maggie-sized car seat that folded down out of the seat. She really enjoyed the ride. Dalton had refused to take a morning nap and was now missing his lunch so he wasn't in as good a mood. They strapped the carseat onto the gurney for him. John swung by on his way and traded cars with Franco so he could come get us when we finished.

So, Maggie, Dalton and I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time. The diagnosis is pallid breath-holding spells, an instinctive reaction to pain, fear, anger etc that he should outgrow by age 2. The doctor said my clear description of his reaction made it easy to diagnose.

Franco ended up having to drive Brook and Erin to the airport last minute and then brought Ember to pick us up at the hospital. We got all four kids in the car and got home before John did. Dalton and Kyli looked so cute sleeping in each others car seats. Pictures here.

Thanks to John for stopping by on the way to his job interview, and to Franco for basically wasting his afternoon for us - including dropping everything to answer my incoherent phone call.

Sumana, you'll be glad to know that I got a privacy practice notice from the fire department.

[Comments] (4) Conversations:
Maggie: *examines her bib*
Me: Aunt Sharon made that bib. Jill's mommy. She made it when you were born.
Maggie: What happened to her?
Me: Nothing.
Maggie: Did she die?
Me: No.
Maggie: Did your mommy die? Your mommy named Grandma die?
Me: Yes, she did.
Maggie: I don't want her to die!
Me: Me neither!
Maggie: *starts pretending to cry*

Also, I watched the first 20 minutes of General Conference with her on my lap. Later in the day she suggested, "Let's watch the Prophet Show."

[Comments] (1) Tiny Towheaded Trouble Maker: Baby Boy turned one this past weekend. So big! And by "so big" I mean "so little". His well-baby visit was Tuesday and he has gained half a pound in 3 1/2 months. He is not even on the chart. He's been sick for the past six weeks (roseola, 2 colds, a stomach bug, and now another cold), and not eating well, plus he is so crazy-active that he burns off whatever he does eat. Anyway, he is 30" and 17 lbs 3 oz.

I posted recently some of the sign language words Dalton has learned. He uses "nurse" all the time (sigh), but his real favorite word is "dog". That boy loves animals so much! He uses it for Princess (the cat) and he also used it the other day while pointing at a picture of a horse.

He has started to show interest in walking, and took his first few steps on Monday. It will be a while yet. I can't wait - hopefully his hands will stay cleaner and he won't be constantly getting sick. Plus, it may slow him down temporarily. I can barely keep up. I took all three kids (I care for my 3 month old niece, Kyli, most days) to the library today and it was our best visit since Dalton started crawling. I buckled him into the stroller and left him there the whole time! He only managed to pull 2 books off the shelf.

For Dalton's birthday we had two mini-parties with his grandparents. Ice cream and Halloween Peeps. Dalton thought it was so silly to see all of us singing. On his birthday, we went to Park City to buy hiking shoes. We had a little picnic, but it was chilly, and we were all still recovering from the stomach bug we had last week. We also decorated pumpkins with finger paint. We've never used finger paint before, so the kids found it pretty fascinating.

: Last weekend, John and I each bought hiking shoes, so we made plans to try them out today. John picked Lake Mary up Big Cottonwood canyon, so we headed up after breakfast. Today was a really beautiful day. Various events had me headed down the trail to look at the map again at the same time a family was heading up behind us. I asked the man if he knew which way Lake Mary was, and as soon as he started speaking, I realized it was President Uchtdorf! Of all the people to meet on a hike, I sure wasn't expecting that. We told Maggie he was a prophet, which interested her, but if you ask who she met on the hike, she will say "a chipmunk."

This was a really great hike. It was moderate, 1 mile to the lake, and the lake was really cool. It was in a rock basin, with rock islands throughout, except it was mostly empty. No life in the lake at all, except some tree stumps at the bottom, so somewhat otherworldly. With the fall leaves and the rocks jutting out everywhere (Rocky Mountains, you know), it was very scenic.

Maggieisms: Lots more silly stuff Maggie has been saying lately. She calls the remote "the camote", she still says "wi-bit" instead of "a little bit" and she has started making up her own signs for things stating, "this is Mr. Potato Head" or "This is chair". She also pointed out that the colors on the candy corn skirts are not in the correct order (I knew they were wrong at the time, but I had more orange fabric).

Daddy: Who loves you?
Maggie: Mommy.
Daddy: Does Daddy love you?
Maggie: Yes.
Daddy: Who loves you more?
Maggie: Collette.

Jill came over on Friday and we made decorative bat pillows for Halloween.
Maggie: Aunt Jill, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Jill: I'm going to be a witch.
Me: She just called you Aunt Jill
Jill: That's ok. It's going to be a long time before I hear that again.

The example above illustrates one of Maggie's recent obsessions - asking people what they're going to be for Halloween. She has temporarily set that aside for making Aunt Erin a pretend birthday cake (chocolate, with a candle), but now that the birthday party is over, I have a feeling the Halloween costuming will resume.

And Then He Was One: First, check out the videos I posted of Dalton during the past week. He walks! He laughs! He plays peek-a-boo! It's pretty cute.

John has been gone teaching new hires this entire week. Since he left, Dalton: started drinking whole milk; took real first steps; cut a new tooth (we're up to three now - and one more on the way); passed out again; and signed "please" for the first time. That's our boy.

Jurassic Halloween: We've had two full days of Halloween festivities and we are worn out. The buckets of candy on the table are evidence of our busy activities. Yes, Halloween isn't until tomorrow, but this is Utah (Halloween on a Sunday?) and also we're taking family pictures.

We carved pumpkins on Thursday. Yesterday, John took the day off. I was still watching Kyli, so we didn't do a whole lot, but we did take Ember with Jodi and Kyli to their ward party. Maggie had a great time playing a couple games they had set up.

Today we went to visit Grandma June. I took the costumes so she could see the kids all dressed up. After Dalton took a nap, we went to the ward party. It was raining, so instead of trunk or treat, they lined up buckets of candy on some folding tables and the kids just went down the line and helped themselves.

After the party, we met up with Franco, Jodi, and Kyli and the mall. Trick-or-treating at the mall was pretty lame. It was crowded, since people were actually shopping, and the candy wasn't good and lots of stores said they were out (or never had any to begin with). Also, Franco stole the show! He was dressed as Rafiki, Kyli was a little Simba, and Jodi was Pumba. I helped make their costumes and they turned out great!.

We trick-or-treated up and down the street in the rain. Maggie loved it. She ran away from each door, amazed at the free candy that had been plopped in her basket. The kids also got fruit snacks, stickers, tatoos, and pretzels. Oh, and glow bracelets - we're totally handing those out next year.


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