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: Last weekend, John and I each bought hiking shoes, so we made plans to try them out today. John picked Lake Mary up Big Cottonwood canyon, so we headed up after breakfast. Today was a really beautiful day. Various events had me headed down the trail to look at the map again at the same time a family was heading up behind us. I asked the man if he knew which way Lake Mary was, and as soon as he started speaking, I realized it was President Uchtdorf! Of all the people to meet on a hike, I sure wasn't expecting that. We told Maggie he was a prophet, which interested her, but if you ask who she met on the hike, she will say "a chipmunk."

This was a really great hike. It was moderate, 1 mile to the lake, and the lake was really cool. It was in a rock basin, with rock islands throughout, except it was mostly empty. No life in the lake at all, except some tree stumps at the bottom, so somewhat otherworldly. With the fall leaves and the rocks jutting out everywhere (Rocky Mountains, you know), it was very scenic.

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