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[No comments] Maggieisms: Lots more silly stuff Maggie has been saying lately. She calls the remote "the camote", she still says "wi-bit" instead of "a little bit" and she has started making up her own signs for things stating, "this is Mr. Potato Head" or "This is chair". She also pointed out that the colors on the candy corn skirts are not in the correct order (I knew they were wrong at the time, but I had more orange fabric).

Daddy: Who loves you?
Maggie: Mommy.
Daddy: Does Daddy love you?
Maggie: Yes.
Daddy: Who loves you more?
Maggie: Collette.

Jill came over on Friday and we made decorative bat pillows for Halloween.
Maggie: Aunt Jill, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Jill: I'm going to be a witch.
Me: She just called you Aunt Jill
Jill: That's ok. It's going to be a long time before I hear that again.

The example above illustrates one of Maggie's recent obsessions - asking people what they're going to be for Halloween. She has temporarily set that aside for making Aunt Erin a pretend birthday cake (chocolate, with a candle), but now that the birthday party is over, I have a feeling the Halloween costuming will resume.

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