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[No comments] Jurassic Halloween: We've had two full days of Halloween festivities and we are worn out. The buckets of candy on the table are evidence of our busy activities. Yes, Halloween isn't until tomorrow, but this is Utah (Halloween on a Sunday?) and also we're taking family pictures.

We carved pumpkins on Thursday. Yesterday, John took the day off. I was still watching Kyli, so we didn't do a whole lot, but we did take Ember with Jodi and Kyli to their ward party. Maggie had a great time playing a couple games they had set up.

Today we went to visit Grandma June. I took the costumes so she could see the kids all dressed up. After Dalton took a nap, we went to the ward party. It was raining, so instead of trunk or treat, they lined up buckets of candy on some folding tables and the kids just went down the line and helped themselves.

After the party, we met up with Franco, Jodi, and Kyli and the mall. Trick-or-treating at the mall was pretty lame. It was crowded, since people were actually shopping, and the candy wasn't good and lots of stores said they were out (or never had any to begin with). Also, Franco stole the show! He was dressed as Rafiki, Kyli was a little Simba, and Jodi was Pumba. I helped make their costumes and they turned out great!.

We trick-or-treated up and down the street in the rain. Maggie loved it. She ran away from each door, amazed at the free candy that had been plopped in her basket. The kids also got fruit snacks, stickers, tatoos, and pretzels. Oh, and glow bracelets - we're totally handing those out next year.

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