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[No comments] Welcome to Bangalore.: I've posted some pictures of the serviced apartment we're staying at this week, and of our stop in New York on the way. Sadly, we only saw Leonard for less than an hour (not counting our nap) and I didn't get any pictures. But we'll see him next week at Nandini's wedding.

It was a looong trip over here. Besides our three flights and long layovers, it's also an hour car ride from the airport. We are all still feeling exhausted, except maybe Maggie. She's been sleeping regular hours. Dalton woke up at 4ish and we couldn't get him to go back to sleep.

The hotel is really fancy. They just delivered our laundry, wrapped in tissue paper. The pool has white stones around it, and a waterfall. Rachel is visiting, having planned her trip based on our original travel dates. Today we went swimming (the pool was cold) and shopping for gifts for Rachel to take home. Maggie whined and wanted to be carried the whole way. Dalton attracted the attention of everyone.

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