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[Comments] (1) Nandini's Wedding: This morning was Nandini's wedding (Sumana's sister). We missed the actual wedding part, though I hear Leonard led the procession in. Various people were singing and reciting poetry when we arrived. It was held in a big, semi-outdoor pavilion and people just sat on chairs watching, walking in and out, or chatting as they saw fit.

Lunch was a plantain leaf lunch (eaten in shifts because there was so many people). This is a meal that is eaten with the hands (well, the right hand). Dalton thought that was pretty neat. It was the most delicious Indian food I've had so far. It was really fresh, and I had Leonard on my right, and an Indian on John's left telling me what stuff was. Also, there was really yummy ice cream. The kids are doing great with the food here.

The tables were set up facing each other in rows so the servers could walk down in between and ladle food onto your plantain leaf. It was very well coordinated. Afterward, everyone went to nearby sinks to wash their hands, while the next group sat down and waited for the places to be cleared.

After lunch, everyone lined up to shake hands with and give gifts to Nandini and Girish. We just hung out with Leonard and Sumana some more. Dalton ran wild and made tons of friends. Every time he ran off, some one (usually a man) would bring him back and he'd jump into my arms. Then he'd make me put him right back down again.

I also posted some pictures of my henna tattoo. In the previous picture I still had the dye on. Once it dried, I scraped it off and it left a light orange stain. The dye reacts with the keratin in the skin, so it darkens overnight, and as it oxidizes. That's also why it's darker in some areas - those with thicker skin. And the spot where Dalton smudged it. He's got a bit of orange on his elbow...


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