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Registered Immigrant: Time for an update! John has been doing such a good job, I haven't had to say much lately. We moved into an apartment. Now that it's been scrubbed clean, I can recognize it for the nice place it is. The tile floors need to be dusted daily, dishes washed by hand, and the laundry hung to dry, but we'd have to do that anywhere.

The neighborhood is nice, too. I walked down into the neighborhood with the kids yesterday. They charmed just about everyone in our path. We found a nice little grocery store and fruit stand. Further on there are dozens of teeny shops lining the street, selling everything from hoses to crystal. We walked down that way because Maggie wanted to follow the cow. So we did. Then I took a picture of it (and a dog) eating trash.

This morning we went and registered and received our permits to stay. I think we were the only Americans there. At first I thought it was obvious we are American, though everyone kept asking me where I was from (the answer is not "America", it's "US"). Apparently not. India has lots of immigrants, though not many others were white. Dalton made particular friends with two different nice young men. (Have I mentioned that everyone adores him?) I saw on their passports as we waited that one was from Afghanistan and the other from Iran. The Iranian one reminded me of Edd. He said Dalton was beautiful. I agree - though this was before he spilled Cocoa Puffs everywhere.


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