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[Comments] (2) 9000 miles away and still home: We went to our branch for the first time on Sunday (last week was district conference). It was such a relief to walk into the church and be called Sister. Like coming home. It was different, but the same, and we were very happy to be there. Especially Maggie. She only has one week left in Nursery, and she's making the best of it.

We're all settled, pretty much. I've found some stores I am happy shopping at, we are in a home (and lunch with Daddy!) routine, and we have lots of fun events planned on the weekends. On Christmas Eve, we're having a party with some other American LDS families, and on Christmas we're headed to the zoo for Maggie's first elephant ride. The kids may or may not be getting an elephant-themed toy from Santa for Christmas as well...


Posted by Mom at Tue Dec 21 2010 16:32

9000 miles seems so far away. I can hardly believe it. Bryce and Sherrie are hoping for a big trip this summer. I suggested going to India and seeing you guys. Sherrie said there are too many places she'd like to go and India is not one of them. Brig explained a lot about India to us all. Grandma asked all about you on Monday. She says she misses Maggie. She is sure enjoying Kyli in her place.

Posted by Lisa Cole at Tue Dec 21 2010 17:37

I'm so glad you have that comfort everywhere you go :)

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