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[Comments] (1) Career Day: Today Dalton learned about driving in Bangalore and working at McDonald's. Those McDonald's ladies love him. Also, at the fruit stand, a man grabbed a banana off the shelf and gave it to Dalton. You don't see that happen at Walmart. They also got one for Maggie. Dalton ate them both. (They are about half as big as the bananas usually found in the US.)

It's been really warm. Yesterday I was able to start a load of laundry in the morning, hang it up to dry, and get most of it folded and put away before John came home. Don't worry: I am baking dozens of sugar cookies (6 at a time in my toaster oven) to make it feel like Christmas.

Also, I used the stroller for the first time yesterday. Our neighborhood has decent enough sidewalk that I can walk down to the nearest little store (a few US blocks).


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