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[Comments] (2) Spending Time: I spent time alone with Dalton today for the first time in I don't know how long. Maggie was up half the night throwing up and the other half asking for a "tsink of cold water" and fell asleep on me this afternoon while watching Dumbo. She slept for three hours, so when Dalton woke up, I got to play with and snuggle him, read books with him, and watch Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals, his favorite show. He actually requested it - he went to the TV and signed Dog.

We booked our Hong Kong trip for April 16th. John is so giddy, it's adorable. For Family Night we made a countdown chain for Mysore-Hampi-Valentine's Day-Maggie's Birthday-St. Patrick's Day. By then it was ridiculously long, so we'll hold off on the last 31 days until Hong Kong. But we are really excited.


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