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[Comments] (1) Dichotomy: Today I washed clothes by hand, then got chauffeured to the mall in our private car. Weird. I was washing clothes in the sink because I am frugal - the laundry prices here are outrageous (here at the hotel, not here in India. It'd be cheaper to employ a maid for the sole purpose of doing my laundry). I guess I was also using the car because I am frugal - the car and driver are paid for by the firm; an auto rickshaw ride would not be.

Our driver took me to a nearby mall. The mall consists of a department store, a grocery store (like Wal-mart), a food court, and a fun center (skee ball, play place, video games). There is also a giant toy store next door, so we also went there.

Across the street is Taco Bell and KFC. Taco Bell is new to the neighborhood (Koramangala) and is advertising everywhere: Tacomangala. I guess I don't know what the word parts mean, but I found that funny.

But not as funny as "ware helmet save head."


Posted by John at Thu Dec 09 2010 01:57

My favorite is "Don't urinate here"!


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