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: Maggie woke up this morning screaming for me to come back and put her seat belt on. She must just be having weird dreams lately.

I had a weird dream, too. It was about rescue crews trying to get to a Jeep that had driven off the road. Perhaps related to the Jeep I saw spin out of control on the freeway yesterday. I wonder how one loses control of a car in broad daylight and perfectly fine weather. Luckily, she stopped the car ok, and all the kids in the backseat were wearing seatbelts.

Not Just for Reading: Maggie loves books. She carries around stacks of them. She takes them in the car with her. She is no longer allowed to sleep with them. She gets mad if we go to the library just for storytime and don't have time to read books. They're for more than just reading. They can be used for:

a stage - she stacks up books (all homemade by me and Rachel) and lines up her animals or her "big guys" on it.
butterfly wings - holds two books up behind her back. She also does this with the cushion from the toy box.
a duck mouth. "Pack!"
a brush or comb. "All girls who like to brush and comb should have a pet like this at home."
scissors, with which she "fixes" things like my pants.
a tail. She put a book on the stool behind Grandma June and announced that Grandma had a tail. Luckily, Grandma found it funny, too.

And, Maggie is wearing jeans today for the first time in about 6 months.

Happy Heart: People Maggie loves can expect something cute arriving in their mailboxes. Unless of course you love her back, in which case you are probably playing with her in the next 8 days and getting something cute in person. Seriously. I only have to mail 4 out of 13. Thanks for all the free babysitting!

It's a Bear! It's a Moose! It's a Really Cute Baby!: Dalton's little moose outfit gets a lot of attention when he wears it. Usually, the comments we get are something along the lines of "that is the cutest thing I've ever seen!" Some people are able to articulate the cuteness a little better. At the zoo, I got accused of trying to take one of the animals home. On our walk the other day, someone asked if we'd been bear hunting. Just now, on my way back from the mailbox, the guy repairing a windshield next door said, "I thought you were carrying a teddy bear when you walked by and thought, 'that's weird...'"

I'm not sure it gets much cuter than a cute baby in a cute, fuzzy outfit.

[Comments] (3) Miss Popular: We walked into Sacrament Meeting on Sunday to a chorus of "Hi, Maggie!" from several of her little nursery friends.

Dalton is 4 months old today, which means Maggie is 35. T minus 28 days until she turns 3. She wants money for her college fund, an aquarium membership, and anything that gets used up (in particular, will be used up before we move to India). Ok, maybe she doesn't; if you ask her, she wants a blue present with a cow in it, an "O"s party [Cheerios], and a yellow cake with red frosting. Where does she get this stuff?? So, Mommy knows best, and what I know is that we have way too many toys as it is and she won't know the difference and we're taking advantage of that. We're giving her swimming lessons and some treats.

: This morning the kids and I met Jill and Camilla at Gardner Village. We had a good time looking in the shops, though I didn't buy anything other than a handful of taffy and a blackberry soda. It wasn't quite the adventure our last outing was, but we had great luck with the weather and Maggie enjoyed running around. She got a little grumpy (hungry) toward the end, but after a sandwich and some chocolate donut, she didn't want to leave.

Early Love Day: We are celebrating Valentine's Day early, cause we can. John got me Mulan and a "fancy, expensive" bath pouf. And a really cute Valentine. Brook and Erin (and Ember and Jazzy) watched the kids while we went to Training Table. And we had Coldstone cupcakes. I got John an Under Armour shirt that is reversible for running in both cold and warm weather. Maggie and Dalton got Robin Hood, which Maggie refused to watch at first, but is already loving. "I'm going to go find my arrow!" She really likes the snake.

Dalton gave me a present early too, and slept all night last night (unlike one of our other children...) In fact, he's slept most of the day away. He was awake and happily playing with Uncle Brook though.

Jodi came over last night and we scrapbooked and talked. I got 6 pages done, and finished two more today. It's nice to have sisters-in-law around since Rachel is so far away. And some company since John's been very busy.

[Comments] (2) Change in Attitude: I've had a little change in attitude this busy season that seems to be making life much easier to deal with. To sum it up, I am pleased when John comes home, instead of relieved. I just don't expect him home at all, rather than waiting and wondering when he will get home. I don't worry about dinner for him, get the kids ready for bed on my own timetable, instead of wondering if I should keep them up for him. Then I have the evening to myself if he doesn't get home, and the evening to spend with him if he does.

It's been very freeing. Of course, John actually didn't make it home any days last week, so perhaps if he shows up wanting dinner things will be different. My poor husband working crazy hours. I love you!

A Very Busy Day: Today was Maggie's first day of swimming lessons. She enjoyed swimming, but wouldn't let go of me, or kick or anything. Mostly she wanted to splash around in the 6" depth. This is why we started with parent-tot instead of the actual lessons.

After swimming, we went to Target and storytime at the library, then to Dalton's 4 month Happointment. He weighs 13 pounds, 10 ounces and was 25 1/4 inches long. He went down in percentiles, but nothing to be worried about.e is doing fabulous in all other aspects, such as sleeping, playing with toys, drooling, not crying, big smiles, and general adorableness.

We got home from the doctor with about 10 minutes to clean up the house and have a snack before piano lessons. Yikes. Also, Maggie has a little cold and is grumpy. Early bedtime tonight.

Just Keep Swimming: Little Maggie Girl has been sick. She was only up for a few hours yesterday, then went to bed around 4:45. We were worried she'd wake up in the middle of the night, but she slept right through until 7:30 this morning (unlike some people). She was feeling and acting much better, and I don't think she has anything chlorine won't kill, so we went to swimming lessons.

She did better this time, though she cried more. She released the grip her prehensile toes had on me and did a few kicks, and she was perfectly happy to blow bubbles in the water. So, almost imperceptible improvement, but it's there.

We came home and watched Finding Nemo.

[Comments] (3) Use It or Lose It: I have long held the notion that things should be used, not treasured or "saved". But recently, I've really been putting it into practice. A few days ago, I noticed a shirt I bought in Romania hanging in my closet. I hadn't worn it in years. As soon as I put it on, I remembered why. It had annoying tassels danging from the sleeves, and it is rather delicate, which means I probably hadn't washed it. Ever. So, I hacked off the tassels with my kitchen shears, and at the end of the day, threw it in its spat-up-on glory into the laundry basket. And you know what? It came out of the wash just fine. And now I have a shirt I like to wear.

Other examples: letting Maggie use my Thickers (gasp), and my nephews eat off my crystal dishes.

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