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Early Love Day: We are celebrating Valentine's Day early, cause we can. John got me Mulan and a "fancy, expensive" bath pouf. And a really cute Valentine. Brook and Erin (and Ember and Jazzy) watched the kids while we went to Training Table. And we had Coldstone cupcakes. I got John an Under Armour shirt that is reversible for running in both cold and warm weather. Maggie and Dalton got Robin Hood, which Maggie refused to watch at first, but is already loving. "I'm going to go find my arrow!" She really likes the snake.

Dalton gave me a present early too, and slept all night last night (unlike one of our other children...) In fact, he's slept most of the day away. He was awake and happily playing with Uncle Brook though.

Jodi came over last night and we scrapbooked and talked. I got 6 pages done, and finished two more today. It's nice to have sisters-in-law around since Rachel is so far away. And some company since John's been very busy.


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