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Not Just for Reading: Maggie loves books. She carries around stacks of them. She takes them in the car with her. She is no longer allowed to sleep with them. She gets mad if we go to the library just for storytime and don't have time to read books. They're for more than just reading. They can be used for:

a stage - she stacks up books (all homemade by me and Rachel) and lines up her animals or her "big guys" on it.
butterfly wings - holds two books up behind her back. She also does this with the cushion from the toy box.
a duck mouth. "Pack!"
a brush or comb. "All girls who like to brush and comb should have a pet like this at home."
scissors, with which she "fixes" things like my pants.
a tail. She put a book on the stool behind Grandma June and announced that Grandma had a tail. Luckily, Grandma found it funny, too.

And, Maggie is wearing jeans today for the first time in about 6 months.

Happy Heart: People Maggie loves can expect something cute arriving in their mailboxes. Unless of course you love her back, in which case you are probably playing with her in the next 8 days and getting something cute in person. Seriously. I only have to mail 4 out of 13. Thanks for all the free babysitting!


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