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[Comments] (3) Miss Popular: We walked into Sacrament Meeting on Sunday to a chorus of "Hi, Maggie!" from several of her little nursery friends.

Dalton is 4 months old today, which means Maggie is 35. T minus 28 days until she turns 3. She wants money for her college fund, an aquarium membership, and anything that gets used up (in particular, will be used up before we move to India). Ok, maybe she doesn't; if you ask her, she wants a blue present with a cow in it, an "O"s party [Cheerios], and a yellow cake with red frosting. Where does she get this stuff?? So, Mommy knows best, and what I know is that we have way too many toys as it is and she won't know the difference and we're taking advantage of that. We're giving her swimming lessons and some treats.


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