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Mooove: We went to visit Grandma June today. Apparently it's been a while, because we don't have any pictures on the fridge anymore. Maggie built boats using the blocks, and Dalton rolled around on the floor and grabbed at Grandma's shoes. I took a couple piano books and played for Grandma. She loves that because it doesn't matter if she is hard of hearing, or can't see. She can just sit there and relax. Susan asked me to make a note of some of her favorite hymns, so I did, but she mostly likes the children's songs. Here are the ones that are "special": Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, Scatter Sunshine, There is a Green Hill Far Away, Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and Little Purple Pansies.

Grandma June first told me about the Little Purple Pansies song about a year ago. I'd never heard of it and it took half an hour of looking through the book to find out what she was talking about. She says they used to sing it all the time and they don't anymore. Now I sing it to Maggie and she loves it.

After visiting with Grandma, we got gas and made a quick trip to the library. Driving home from the library, we got stuck in a traffic jam. I could see a few police cars on one side of the road, and cars were coming from the other direction, driving on the shoulder. I figured we were going around an accident scene... Nope. There was a cow sitting in the middle of the road. An officer was holding a rope around it's neck. Poor cow.

This is the same road I hit a squirrel on last summer. I did brake, but I expected it to run across the road, like a cat, not scamper beneath my tires. Oops.


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