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In Perpetuity: With my "use it or lose it" philosophy in mind, I opened my trunk today. I have several boxes of stuff I'm "saving" from my mom's house, but most of it is old photos, and family history etc. The trunk is full of my own personal heirlooms. I opened it to get out some doll dishes for Maggie, but upon looking at them I decided she is too young. I have five sets, four of which are really tiny, and the fifth is pink depression glass and not 3 year old friendly. Next year.

I put the dishes back, but I did get out a few Piglet breakables that can go on Maggie's shelf, and a wooden turtle from Mexico. Also, a silver baby feeding set with my name engraved (all the better for feeding Dalton with), a grape salt and pepper shaker from my Grandma Rosie, and a baby sweater from England belonging to Leonard. All is not lost, Leonard! I still have your lederhosen.


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