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A Fishy Sort of Day: Today was Maggie's second (and last) private swimming lesson. She did so well! She only yelled a couple times, and ran over to me once. And we all had a good laugh when she climbed off my lap to get in the pool and had her swimming suit stuck in her bum.

The instructor says she could tell that she stays home - as in if she does go somewhere, it's with me. I remember when John and I were called to the nursery, we could see a difference between kids who's mothers worked and kids who had their moms with them 24/7 and consequently cried all through nursery. Now, Maggie is great in nursery, but this stay-at-home mom theory appears to apply to swimming as well. She said we just need to keep her exposed to swimming and situations where I'm not present and she'll do fine. Good thing our hotel in Bryce Canyon has a pool!

After her lesson, we went to the aquarium, which is nearby. They recently opened a new exhibit - penguins!! It is one of those exhibits with a glass wall next to the water, so you can see them diving and swimming. They were so playful. Maggie also got to touch a stingray again.


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