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[Comments] (1) : I love when Dalton takes good naps, especially since it means he sleeps better at night. This morning he slept through Jo-Ann (baby gifts!), Target (pictures!) and waiting in line for the Easter Bunny and woke up in time to eat lunch while Maggie was playing at the mall playground. The only unfortunate thing is that I didn't anticipate such a long nap and didn't bring the stroller, so I had to carry his carseat around the mall.

In the past I have counted the weeks until I get a "break" from teaching Primary, but this past Sunday I was already going over the next lesson when I realized I don't have to teach this week. Hurray! Must hide eggs instead.


Posted by Mom at Fri Apr 02 2010 14:22

Maggie was frowning because she knew you were not suppose to take that picture. But it's cute.


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