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Moving Out,. Moving On: We've had a busy few days! We moved out of our house yesterday. Brook put a lock on our storage room door, Erin cleaned all the bathrooms, Ember cleaned and played with the kids, and Logan did everything I asked him to without complaining. Franco also came over and helped John and Brook fit an amazing amount of furniture under the stairs and did lots of cleaning. Thanks to everyone's help, we were out of there in the afternoon.

This morning we went to IHOP for Father's Day and went hiking. We went to Donut Falls. Then we decided to go to Silver Lake and let Maggie walk on her own. It was a warm day, but up the canyon the weather was perfect.

So, now we're officially living with John's parents. Jodi is over, in the glow of her 40th week of pregnancy. Hopefully, we will get to see a new baby before we leave! And we're hoping in a baby-coming way, not an India-delaying way.


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