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[Comments] (2) John Turns 30: John turned 30 this week! We celebrated by going out to Training Table by ourselves, and getting Zupas for dinner with his parents and Brook and Ember. I made coconut cupcakes. On Friday night, we did sparklers and poppers with Maggie. Saturday we went to Wheeler Farm, and then up to the cabin for a party with a lot of the Chadwicks. I really don't know anyone on the Chadwick side (John barely does) so that was kind of fun to meet some of them. We spent last night at the cabin and went hiking today. This is the first time in years that we've done our hike with no pouring rain or awful mud.


Posted by jill at Mon Jul 26 2010 08:46

Happy birthday John! and hope you are surviving!!

Posted by Mom at Mon Jul 26 2010 16:50

The rain waited until today. It smells so good.


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