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Glorious Things are Sung of Zion: Tomorrow we are heading on another many-expenses-paid trip to California. We are spending two nights in southern Utah to visit Zion National Park. We're looking forward to hiking and seeing bridges designed and built by my great-grandfather Lewis Jotham Whitney. With John's vertigo and our child-carrying off-balance, we will be avoiding all hikes labeled "steep drop".

Next week, John will be working, and I will be taking the kids to Disneyland and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Hopefully it doesn't pour rain like it did during our last visit to California. I am trying to decide which will be more difficult: Infant Dalton who sleeps in his carseat in the stroller, and really a lot of rain; or Crazy Dalton who sleeps pretty much only in his crib, and tries to leap out of my arms, but nice weather. And probably tons more people. Chances are good that I won't be breastfeeding on the freeway during this trip at least.

Maggie tells me we are going on all the rides she doesn't like (or remember) "just on one time" and rides like Winnie-the-Pooh "we're going just on lot of times." She intends to ride Gadget's Go-Coaster by herself. That's the only ride Dalton is too small for that she can ride alone.

Did I mention Dalton leaping out of arms, baby slings, and grocery carts? Mer.


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