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[Comments] (1) Weekend Update: Today was the first Labor Day John hasn't had to work since he graduated. We took the kids swimming at the rec center and had such a good time that we bought a 3 month pass! (Since we're apparently going to be here that long.) They had a water slide and a play place. Maggie has decided to not be frightened of the water, and will even let me dunk her a bit while she blows bubbles. Dalton loves the water, but was freezing the whole time.

When we got back Dalton (who is sick again) took a 3 hour nap and we all just rested. Then we went for a walk, got dinner at Noodles & Company and ate it at Murray Park. It was such a beautiful day today.


Posted by Mom at Wed Sep 08 2010 15:45

We missed you at the cabin but it sounds like you had a good day.


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