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Hello, Namaste, We Welcome You Today: Today was Maggie's first day in Primary. She did really well! She sat on a big chair and sang songs. She even got a little note pinned on her dress saying she is assigned to say the closing prayer next week.

They had singing time and sharing time first with all the kids. Then they had a five minute break, during which all the kids were given a candy bar. After the break they had their classes. There are only two classes. They delivered Maggie to Relief Society after, along with a laminated ring of the scriptures for this year's theme and another piece of candy. I heard they don't know how to teach to kids very well in our branch, but the candy seems to be a good start, for Maggie at least.

How Do You Think?: This is a question Maggie has been asking a lot lately. She means "what do you think?" as in "what is your opinion about this?" and asks it whenever she shows off a piece of artwork, a Lego creation, or something else clever that she's made.

[Comments] (1) The Sad Thing About January: Today is a sad day. It comes around once a year. Christmas is over. The decoration is put away. The long stretch until Valentine's Day is laid out before us. And I have eaten the last of the peanut brittle.. Until next year, my old friend.

[Comments] (1) Back and Forth:
In 2010
I started working as a Blogger and Community Leader at Mommysavers.
My baby boy grew so big, walking, signing, and getting into everything.
My Maggie girl blossomed in creativity and imagination.
We moved to Bangalore, India (eventually).
I made our Halloween costumes (and lots of other stuff).
I started doing home preschool with Maggie (and Colette).
We did a TON of staycation activities around the valley, mostly with Tasha or my cousins, including the Great Salt Lake, Gale Center Museum, and the Utah State Fair.
I did tons of kids crafts with Maggie.
I attended one wedding (Brynn & Craig) and we had one new niece join our family. And then I babysat her for 2 months.
We saw Bryce Canyon National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Park City, Zion National Park. I also went to New York, and John to Chicago and Florida (for work).
John started doing training and coaching for EY - and loves it.
We went on two Disneyland trips.
We put some serious miles on the hiking carrier - and even more on my baby sling (I seriously LOVE this thing and use it daily).

In 2011
We will travel around India, and visit Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and hopefully more.
We'll move back into our house after over a year.
Dalton will start Nursery. Believe me, I'm counting down the weeks.
Maggie will start real preschool. Probably. We may hold off until January.
I will be focusing a lot on enriching our family. Preschool and crafts with Maggie. Reading and outside time with both kids every day. Involving Dalton in more art projects. Involving Maggie in more cooking projects. Family Home Evening every week (John and I have been so good about this!) and other Gospel teaching in our home.
We'll check out Hong Kong Disneyland.
Sewing will be limited for a while, though I'm getting really imaginative with a glue stick and construction paper.
We will all learn even more about Indian culture.
I will enjoy every minute of having a maid.

Here's to the rest of our lives!


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